Below are links to websites for various local, state, and national organizations. 

Central New York
  1. Deaf Advocacy Council  of Central New York (DAC) - 
    • On this site, you will find links to more organizations/agencies, as well as a calendar of Deaf community events in CNY - a great resource!
    • DAC meets every two months and focuses on community and advocacy issues for the Deaf community.  Meetings are open to the public - request a voice interpreter in advance if needed.
    • Mattie Letham Deaf Performing Arts (MLDPA) - occasional events that include Deaf films or performers, as well as captioned movies and interpreted theater.
  2. WHOLE ME, Inc. -
    • After-School Program for D/HH students K-12, Leadership Program for high school D/HH students, interpreter referral service, parent support group, ASL classes for families and community, ASL workshops for interpreters, and many more.
  3. Fair Access for the Deaf (FAD) -
    • Interpreter referral service, including the NY State Fair; D/HH Ski Program for all ages at Toggenburg Mountain, Fabius NY during January and February
  4. Aurora of Central New York -
    • Job coaching and employment placement services, social work services, ASL classes for families and community, interpreter referral service
  5. ARISE -
    • Deaf Community Advocacy services
  6. Empire Interpreting -
    • Interpreter referral service
  7. Onondaga Community College, Modern Languages Department -
    • American Sign Language courses - levels I-IV
    • Deafhood: Moving Beyond Deaf Culture
  8. Central New York Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (CNYRID) -
New York State
  1. Empire State Association of the Deaf (ESAD) - - "An organization for the protection of the interests of the Deaf."
  2. National Technical Institute of the Deaf (NTID) -
  3. Educational Support Services Personnel (ESSP) - - An organization dedicated to supporting Deaf Education personnel (teachers, interpreters, speech pathologists, etc.)

  1. Deafhood Foundation - - "An organic cure for deafness."
  2. Deafhood Workshops -
  3. Deaf Bilingual Coalition - - "Sign from the start...Success for a lifetime!
  4. National Association of the Deaf -
  5. American Society for Deaf Children - - A great, support resource for parents
  6. DeafMD - - "Bridging Medicine & the Deaf World" - information on general health issues and tests in ASL, as well as a list of Deaf-friendly doctors in your state!
  7. Audism Free America -
  8. Joey Baer ASL Vlog -
  9. Dr. Don G's Deafhood Discourses -
  10. American Sign Language Teachers Association -
  11. Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (RID) -
  12. Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center -
  13. Gallaudet University -
  14. World Around You - - A monthly e-magazine focusing on Deaf/Hard-of-hearing youth and their achievements, includes resources for teachers!
  15. College of Professional Studies and Outreach at Gallaudet - - continuing education courses online, face-to-face, and at on-site locations around the United States.